“One for All” Furniture

There’s not only private television station which has the motto “One for All”. The same motto, is owned by the multifunctional furniture. One of them is in the image of this bedroom. Wardrobe, bookshelves, and desks are made together. Its basic concept, hell, wardrobe, which was given “bonus” bookshelves and desks. Rectangle shape allows placement in the corner.

Multifunction Furniture

If be compared to put three of furniture for the three functions, it is clearly more efficient furniture land. Three functions, which normally requires three areas of placement, is fulfilled only in one corner of the room. Other angles can be used for other purposes. It’s the effective solutions for small-sized bedroom.

Besides to the multifunctional nature, the design also makes it appear very compact. First, the cabinet is made as high as the ceiling. The goal of course to create storage space as much as possible. Second, this cabinet has very little shelf area or closed, can even say almost without a door.

Versatile design like this makes this open eyes seemed to penetrate the furniture, thus arises the feeling of space. The risk is that we should be more frequent cleaning. Section, open areas are often quick dusty. In addition, the open areas also require the owner to diligently tidy up the interior. Covered with a cluttered closet just unsightly eye, let open alone.

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