Oriental Touch by Tassel

Let’s make spice up the room with an oriental touch, no need to bother. The simply step that can we do by using the tassel. A tassel is a finishing in fabric decoration, and usually along the bottom hem, to curtains, garments, or other hangings. The tassel was its primary expression, applies as opposed to integral, ornamental cords, pompons, galloons, rosettes and gimps as other forms.

Magic Tassel Maker

Change the look of the room, it heard this in mind immediately pictured how much cost. If you change the look of the space is defined as massive changes, it’s no wonder you have to drain the bag for it. You have no need to change the color space, let alone to replace all the furniture. Simply by adding unique details, the room can also perform different styles.

One of the example, when we want to give an oriental touch to the room. You have no need to change the room color to red, or buy precious urns porcelain millions price. Enough with the tassel, the expected appearance can be realized. Tassel commonly referred to as a binder as well as ornaments for curtains or draperies. Tassel said, his own. In the market, tassel is very easily found, even relatively affordable price. To create an oriental touch, select tassel shades of Asia.

in Light Sleep

Although it’s usually used as a decorative curtain, it does not mean that tassel can not be used to decorate other furniture. Try something different. Hang the tassel to decorate an oriental style cabinet or drawer door handle, and the light sleep in bedroom. See the difference caused. In an instant, tassel can change the look of cabinets and drawers, becoming more nuanced oriental.

Different styles can not be a problem. Table nightstand or bureau of classical or modern style, combined with oriental-style tassel, the result is an eclectic look that interesting. One more proof, pay attention to small details can create something special. It can also applied on the lamp table such as in the light sleep.

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