Patio Hanging Surrounded by Wooden Window

The function of terrace is to be used to storing plants in pots, so that the scenery look so soothing. If while relaxing in the living room, it felt so cool. In this house do not worry about the weather outside changes. the splashing or “tampias” of rainwater no longer enter.

hanging terrace

The storey house is often face problems due to weather changes. Especially in the tropics, which in season rain and dry/hot. One of the problems during the rainy season is tampias rainwater. The slope of the roof of the house is expected to protect the building from the whipping rain and sunshine. Unfortunately, the roof design can often not protect its full potential. Well, the solution adopted in this house. What is it? To avoid “tampias”, terrace houses have made in the form of window coverings. The Core is made to hang in two. Position adjacent to the living room. Terrace wear lightweight construction system. The main frame using hollow steel 5cm x 5cm. Reinforced with steel and steel plate. 6mm steel is arranged in a zigzag around the top and bottom frame. High order terrace approximately 2.5 m. It likened the framework of the terrace as a nest because of the closed end to all.

The terrace with 9m long in accordance with the length of the front of the house. 1m wide. Poles (main frame) with hollow steel Long divides into three parts, each 3m. Each section is divided in two by the framework of his supporters. At every 1.5 m, there are four shutters – two above and two below. When the weather outside the house quite friendly, all windows can be opened. Conversely, if the bad weather, closed all the windows. The interior of the house were protected.

The terrace floor is composed of 44 strips of wood as wide as 18cm. The height of terrace floor parallel to the floor in the house. All of wood that used is the type of marine resin, are suitable as exterior wood. The great hardness and weather resistant, just given the finishing polish only. While the surface layer of stainless steel are given anti-rust.

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