Picking Bathroom Decoration Ideas

Applying bathroom decoration can be a daunting task for some people. Having a nice bathroom is not impossible even though you only have limited cash on the pocket. Bathroom decorating style comes in wide array of selection. You can have the room dressed in modern, Japanese, art deco, traditional or even country style. If you like to enjoy a tranquil setting, you need to make it fabulous by concentrating on the color fabric and arrangement of furniture. Decorating a bathroom can be done during the weekend so that you can have a full day to decorate the bathroom. The first thing that you need to note is selection of fabric. If you want to block the window from the natural light, you can choose the heavy fabrics. If you want thin material, you can choose the linen. You can have layering design for the shower curtain.


Applying the curtain can make the bathroom more attractive and interesting. The next thing to choose is the color home. You can make the bathroom look cheerful by using the bright and light color. Avoid the overpowering and bold colors like black, dark red and violet since they make the room dark and small. You can pick the sapphire blue ceramic for the wall accent. It can carry the neutral look. If you want to feel the tranquil and soothing effect, the sage green color is great. If you just want to provide wonderful and funky look, you can choose turquoise, mustard yellow or even orange colors.

The color selection determines the style of your bathroom decoration. If you love with modern look, you can choose neutral colors like brown, black, white and tan. The most sophisticated color combo is represented by the combination of white and black color. You can bring stylish look by picking the door knob, pull, and bathroom fixtures in shining silver accent. The light can be accented with pendant light. If you like to deliver the country look, you can dominate the bathroom decoration with shades of wood. You can have the western style to make it more appealing and close to the countryside area.

If you love with luxurious feel, the Victorian design bathroom is totally awesome. You can pick the sparkling decoration in the bathroom. The thin fabric for the curtain should be selected. You can dominate the bathroom with shades of white, silver, or even gold. The toothbrush, soap dish and other items in the bathroom decoration should carry a hint of gold accent. The mirror in the bathroom can be accented with jewel and intricate pattern. You can buy such item on the flea market since it is sold in cheap price. You can shop for the fresh or even Italian mirror which can deliver the stunning bathroom decoration.

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