Relax with ‘Twisty Chair’

The facility to sit is not only a sofa, lounge chair can also be a top choice. The main characteristic of this chair is design to suit the contours of the human body. Its function is slightly different from the sofa. This chair is intended to support a relaxed sitting position and relaxed.

Twisty Chair

The chair is produced by Yamakawa Rattan Industry, this chair exhibited by the Department of Industry and Commerce of West Java with some other rattan chair rattan chair to increase exports of domestic production. So, in quality no doubt, is guaranteed to compete in the international world.

Starting from the slope and height of seat and back of the chair, to the holder and armrest width, all carefully considered for the sake of user convenience.
The measurement of precision is not always directly proportional to the form. The proof, twisty comfortable chair can be designed at the same time adding a personal aesthetic and the touch by accentuating the impression of light and feminine in accordance with his character.

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