Safe Furniture For Children

Furniture is necessary in our house because it can added the beauty there, but a beautiful and comfortable furniture can injure children. Therefore we have to be careful in choosing safe furniture for all of the families especially children. For example tables, chairs, cabinets, stove, oven, or furniture that has sharp edges and tip, cracked easily, contain hazardous chemicals, fall easily, and so on are the media that can be a ‘powerful’ to harm them. The prices of the furniture are variety, there are cheap or even expensive. It depend on the quality of the furniture, so, if you want to buy the expensive furniture you just can ask for payday loan to some institution that provides a facility for your needs there and you can get your need easily.


A study in the United States, approximately, there are about 8000-10000 toddlers and small children who were injured, the accident until death every year due to in using of the furniture that is less safe at home.

As the warning in order for your baby did not experience such things, please try to give your attention in the following as:

1. Replace or move the furniture that made of glass. The transparent and cold appearance is often attract the attention of children. Starting from touching, playing above the surface until he accidentally bumped the glass. Not to mention, if there are edges of cracks/fractures, clearly imagine the kids.
wooden furniture
2. In order to more safe you may use wooden furniture. Notice also the upholstery materials (varnishes), whether there are organic substances containing harmful or not. Do not contain harmful chemicals so that breathing.

3. Complete the table edge or each edge and a sharp surface of the furniture with special security layer. You can buy it at a special supermarket furniture. Usually it is still a foreign product.

Kids Shelves

4. Put the hook that can help to close the wardrobe, shelf/cabinet of books, tapes and DVD shelves. Thus, children can not opened and ruffled the contents therein.

5. Avoid putting heavy items on top of cupboards/shelves. If your child was accidentally nudged, so the cabinet/shelf (with low surface) will shaken and befell on the child. There are rope hooks between walls and cabinets that can be used in order to keep the cabinet is not easy fell when a child open and pulled the drawer.

6. Do not store and display the toys, dolls and also books story on a high shelves (which is not affordable by the child). They will try to climb and could fall if not be careful.

So, do not indiscriminate in choosing furniture if there are children or even toddlers in your house. Thus you should be careful in choosing the furniture especially safe furniture for children at your home.

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