Simple Patio Decor

When it comes about simple patio decor, some people are confused to define it. Patio is the place where you can be free from the whole problems since you can enjoy the beauty of nature. The patio area should be the place where you can relax and impress the guests. There is no need for you to entertain them on the living room. You can ask them to take a walk in the garden and have an evening or even morning tea on the patio area. If you have set the nice furniture pieces on the patio area, it will be a hard job for you to decorate it with nice accessories. You can make it look warm, comfy and inviting with nice décor and accessories. In this post I will give you some ideas of nice accessories that you can use as patio decor.


The first idea is planter. You can shop for planter in various sizes.  If you want to decorate the nice area, a big planter is great to have. You can have it made in various materials. If you want to carry the Spanish, Mediterranean or even Tuscany feel, a wrought iron planter is nice. The people who love with French country style can choose the clay planter. If you want to carry modern feel, the planter can be made from metal or even colorful plastic. The shape of planter should be decided too. You can have it square, flower pot, sand, boxes and tiered planer. The selection is just a matter of personal taste. You can grow many types of flowers and foliages inside the planter. Some interesting flowers to have include fuchsia, basil, hibiscus, lily and verbena.

The next types of patio cover that you can get in the furniture pieces. This is not only a functional item, but it also carries artistic and interesting effect. If you use the furniture for the outdoor area, you need to ensure that it can resist of the harsh weather. It can be made from PVC, cedar, wrought iron, teak, rattan and wicker. Those materials are perfect for casual appearance. If you love with formal look, wood is nice material to have for your furniture. The full set sofa can bring high quality comfort for the occupants. Don’t forget to add throw pillows and slipcover. If you love to have a simple gathering in the patio area, you can have a full dining set.

It can come with loveseats, dining table, chair, benches and settees. The last patio decor that you can apply is lighting. It comes in different shapes, styles and functions. If you want to carry rustic and funky look, you can opt to install lantern, paper lamps, strings of light or even tree branches. If you want to have a bright light you can pick the fluorescent light as the nice patio decor.

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