Simple Seaside Themed Bathroom

The people who want to bring the natural look of ocean, beach and underwater element can choose the seaside themed bathroom. The seaside theme can carry relaxing and tranquil effect. It is perfect for the people who like to enjoy the natural, clean and fresh atmosphere in the bathroom. If you want to set the theme inside the bathing space, you just have to focus on the simple ideas for paint, decor, and accessories. The first thing to do is picking the color for paint used inside the bathing space.  You can opt for sea blue, sea foam green, aqua green, turquoise, pastel blue, light beige or even off white accent. The border of the wall can be decorated simple images of seaside.


It can be in the wallpaper of fish, sea shell, sea horses, or even sea shells. It can make the plain wall look more vibrant without looking to overdone. The next thing that you should is picking the shower curtain. There are wide array of curtains that you can shop for the market. It can be made from vinyl if you want to spend lowered cash. You can make a good coordinating if the pattern of the shower curtain is similar with border of the wall. It can be made in the tone of green or even blue if you like to carry the sea and ocean look. If you just want to carry simple look, you can choose the shower curtain in neutral colors like beige and white.

There are many accessories that you should present in the bathing space. The towel can deliver the characters of seaside themed bathroom if it is made in white ore even blue colors. Don’t forget to purchase the one which carry the seaside embroidery. The wicker basket in the seaside themed bathroom can function as an additional space to accommodate the extra towels. The items inside the seaside themed bathroom should be well organized. Don’t let any clutter make the room messy and unconformable to access. You can set decorative container and bins. They can be made in sandy beige, coral or even blue accent to suit with seaside theme.

You can use them to accommodate the beauty and spa products. The soap holder and tooth brush holder should carry the ocean and beach theme. You can choose for the fish shaped soap holder.  You can see the toothbrush holder and soap dish on the sink. To match the paint in the seaside themed bathroom, you can spread a nice carpet around the toilet. It can be made in blue momeni fish rug. The wall will look plain if you do not hang any painting or even photos. You can have some pictures of children fishing or even spending time in the beach. If the seaside themed bathroom design is made in small place, you can have a sea shell mirror.

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