Small but Stylish Dining Room

The dining room is located behind the living room. The atmosphere is comfortable, and the overall figure is attractive. Although it is not too large, this room is stylishly laid out.

The dining room measuring 6.4 square meters is located behind the living room, separated by a partition. The front part of the partition which facing the dining room covered with mirror. One of the things that make dining room looked stylish is the availability of area for displaying a decorative ornaments. From shelves on the bulkhead, niche in the wall, until the console.

Apparently, this dining room is often used to entertain guests as well. That’s why the owner, Daniel Teng, wanted to make not merely just a dining room to have a feast. But it should be made comfortable and beautiful.

If noted, there is no distance in this room between the dining table and console table. This was intentional, the aim is to create a relief circulation space for people passing by. Adequate circulation space is a factor in the creation of comfort in a room.

Let’s see, what is it that makes this dining room looked nice? Oh yes, the chandelier (pendant lamp). Lamps with 15cm diamter shades cylinder is made of acrylic. Orange color – with matching decorative lamp shade on top console table – giving a warm touch. A touch of orange is also believed to arouse your appetite.

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