Spiral Staircase, The Solution For Small Room

A spiral staircase is very useful and practical to solve the problem by combining two plants. There are many assumed that the spiral staircase includes to the architectural art. It is because of the design of the spiral staircase has been used on the ancient buildings and churches for hundreds of years. Mostly the construction of a spiral staircase is a masterpiece art that can not to emulate. While for modern architecture, a high-shaped of spiral staircase that rises with the composition of stairs that moor and neat, is very suitable for a narrow space in your home or office.

Spiral Staircase

In a terraced house with limited space of room, the spiral staircase can be a solution to connect the upper and under of the room. You can easily put it in the corner if your home is small. When we compared with ordinary widen staircase and need more space, a staircase with vertical spiral shapes and arranged moor are more useful for the narrow space.

There are many types of spiral stairs on the market. Starting from the classical model made from wood with carved designs, up to the minimalist model with poles made from iron. You must select an appropriate with your decor home. To measure the exact size of the stairs, you have to determine the location and which rooms you will be connect. Here are some practical ways before you put a spiral staircase in the house.

Classic Stairs

1. Determine the diameter of the spiral staircase, based on the size of space that you have. To keep the security and safety, at least, you should provide a space by two meters measuring to these stairs.

2. Find the right pillar to build the spiral staircase. The pole must has 60 inches – 1,2 m diameter, depends on the balance and strength the stairs needed.

3. Thinks about the number of stairs and where you would put it. It is very important because you do not want to appear in the corner. You also do not want the amount too less or too much use of stairs that because it will only make stairs dangerous.

4. Railing that is on the left and right as a holder place or the security becomes an important element of the ladder. It’s because people will be difficult to walk if there is no banister. The higher of railings should be about 90 inches or as tall as an adult’s hand.

Outdoor Spiral Stairs

A spiral staircase will make your move space is limited for each pass. It’s Because of the shape tends to be more narrow than usual stairs, you should be extra careful when used it. And it is very dangerous for children and old people. Although there is an assumption that the spiral staircase is safe, but you should forbid them to use the stairs. The spiral staircase can also be dangerous for those whose legs are not strong. Although a spiral staircase made from steel and equipped with railings on two sides, but because of a row of the small ladder’s steps and squeezed, people are not tend to see and can fall if not be careful. The ladder is also often used as an emergency fire stairs in apartments.

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