Spiral Wallpaper to Create Romantic and Luxury Effect

If you want to create a romantic bedroom luxurious and impressive, you may want to apply wallpaper. Just attach the wallpaper on the walls of the room. Element of space decoration can also coated with it.

Let’s see the master bedroom in the photo below. This master bedroom is in upstairs. Equipped with a private bathroom, this room has the image of a romantic and luxurious bedroom. Second impression was built, among others, with coat a wallpaper on the walls of the room combined with a headboard-coated wallpaper.

The combination of color and wallpaper motive on the wall space and particular headboard model was deliberately chosen. Wall colors and wallpaper patterns tend to be creamy and has fine lines. By contrast, the motive wallpaper on the headboard here, selected white patterned wallpaper giving effect of tendrils of plants.

Relatively light color of the walls in the bedroom color combined with furniture (bed and nightstand) which is dark. Furniture made to match the color shades on the table lamps and floor lamp.

The combination of colors in this room are interrelated. Plant tendrils and white color motive was apparently applied to the pillowcase. Black which chosen for color shade is also applied to the bed sheet. All this is done to create a harmony of color space that can give the impression of a romantic and luxurious room.

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