The Accessories for Curtains

Playing with the accessories for curtains can enhance your window coverings looks more beautiful. Accessories add color, style, and class to an outfit, and create a certain look, but they may also have practical functions. Even if you dare to be creative, by adding cloths, lace, fringe, buttons can make the room look more different. Certainly, we have to buy the accessories at the market that provides the variety for decor home like curtains, and with variety of price. Or even, you may contact the creditor for cash advance loans in order to get easy for you in buying the accessories that you needs.

However, have you knows what accessories are eligible pinned on the curtains? Here it is:

Lace Curtains

1. The tassel

Tassel has many colors and materials. The materials for the tassel can be either cotton, silk, and many more. You can use the tassel as the accessories on the top or at the curtain hooks. Besides to curtains, tassel is also often applied to pillowcases, tablecloths, or on a wall decoration.

If it placed on the top of the window, select a color of tassel that’s contrast with your curtains. So, this curtain will look more alive and not monotonous, because if you choose colors that match the curtains, the view seemed to look simple.

Curtain Rod

2. Rail and hooks of curtain

Here, you can choose and install the curtain rod that is a long pole equipped with a ring and a hook that serves to hang the curtains. You can choose what kind of the stick for the hangings and the fitting room. There are sticks that is used for room-style classic, modern or a mix of ethnic and modern (eclectic).
As the cloth that covered the windows, curtains can also be used in half just so that light from outside could come in and make the room brighter. For that, you have to use a curtain hooks. Although the lying hidden behind the curtains, adjust the hue and rail.

3. The lace curtain

Arrange the curtains with lace, you can customize with color of tassel. It means that there is a harmony of colors between the curtains, lace and tassel.

Swag Curtains

4. Swag curtains

The cloth that was suspended from the curtain rail curtain made an appearance to be more formal and elegant. Although looks as formal impression, you can still use it in any room. So, it is not only for the living room and family, but also can be applied to the bedroom, then to the kitchen.

In addition to the accessories above, you can also add other decoration that can enhance your appearance hangings, such as adding a decorative shelf above the tracks, pinning the decoration butterfly/dragonfly in a thin curtain, and many more.

After creating, you can also take a picture and immediately showed the photo of the new draperies in Facebook, Twitter or other social networking sites. Who knows your creation can be an inspiration for a friend or someone else. Good luck!

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