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A living room is a room that has functions for entertaining guests, relax, watching TV, reading, or other activities. A typical western living room will be furnished with sofa, chairs, bookshelves, rugs, lamps, occasional table, and as well as other pieces of furniture. Living room also known as a sitting room that is used by all of family to share with and relax.

Western Style Living Room

A living room needs sofa, television shelf, coffee table, rugs, lamps, etc. I guess it’s not always so. We still can create a living room with limited budgets. how to make? Let’s learn the solution below.

To most people, probably including you too, assumes that to create a comfortable living room should have a lots of costs. Whereas it is not as well. If the budget is not sufficient, just reduce the furniture. Do not worry, even if the furniture is less, the living room can still feel comfort, really.

The first steps that we should be done is sign off some of furniture from your list. Eliminate the sofa and coffee table. Without these two furniture, the living room will looks more spacious, more comfortable too, exactly.

Living Room

The next steps is replace the sofa with a bean bag and a bench of synthetic wicker. Two of furniture above is more very easy to move. The Lighter weights, the size is not too big. the synthetic wicker bench can be function as well as a small table. So, the living room still felt relieved, even with the presence of both of two furniture. In order to more concise, avoid in selecting a large TV shelf and heavy, just use shelves only. Add a rug in order the living room looks sweet.

If calculated, approximately the living room like this only requires measuring 2m x 2m space, even less than that. See of the living room on the picture, occupies an area under the stairs, measuring approximately 1.6 m x 2m. So, do you interested to create a comfort living room though the space of room is not heavy? Please try to do the solution above.

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