The Elegant Solution to Spacing Problem – Sofa Beds

Unlike in the old days, having a spare guest room nowadays has turn into a luxurious feature in modern families’ home. Yet, people are still as passionate as before, and people would still be happy to have stay over guests at their home.

There is a simple yet elegant solution which can allow you to show your hospitality to your friends and family, and still respect the precious space that you have at home – sofa beds.

Sofa beds are not something newly invented in this decade, but the new design sofa beds are definitely one of the must-have furniture pieces that families should have.

First of all, from a design point of view, sofa beds have improved so much in the previous years. Manufacturers very often would produce sofa beds with the same design as normal sofa. That not only gives you a sofa bed that is not bulky at all, but also looks just as decent as a normal sofa. If you are fond of classic looks, one of the recommendations is the Chesterfield Sofabed, from Thomas Lloyd’s collection. If you do not extend the bed, you simply would not notice that this classic piece of furniture has more practical value has well!

Chesterfield Sofabed by Thomas Lloyd
Extended Chesterfield Sofa Bed.

Another important feature of modern sofa bed is that the sitting comfort has improved a lot compared with the old ones. Much better mechanical design and production technique has brought better support for sofa bed seats. Take a look at the Standford Sofabed by Odeon, the simple but tough structure of the sofa bed give the best support to users, no matter in sitting or sleeping position.

Standford Sofabed by Odeon
Extended Standford Sofabed

Sofa beds now have turn into a handy ‘gadget’ for homes to maximize spacing benefit. From a monetary point of view, sofa beds are also a bargain. You simply get 2 pieces of quality furniture paying the price of one. Both you and your lodging guests will love it.

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