The Importance of Having a Healthy Bathroom

To create a healthy bathroom, you must have several requirements. The terms include free entry is sunlight, air flows smoothly, and there are potted plants to freshen the room.

Maybe you will not use the bathroom more than an hour, but that does not mean the room with a size of 1.5 m x 1.5 m just enough with bath tube or shower and toilet. Bathroom is like another room in the house, this room is also need to be considered on its health. So, this room not only functional, but also comfortable to use for the move.

Healthy Bathroom
Healthy Bathroom

Humidity is a major problem that could pose a threat to a healthy bathroom. The air was damp moss and potentially cause mold, which ultimately could potentially also lead to germs. Although washing the body may only take 15-30 minutes, surely you would not want to do it in the bathroom is dirty because of moss and fungi and even smells.

In this article we will discuss about healthy bathroom. First, the bathroom must be designed for a lot of sunlight that can enter into it through the skylights. Sunlight is enough to make the bathroom dry faster, so the mold, mildew, and bacteria do not multiply. In addition, power-efficient anyway, as long as the sun was shining, the bathroom is unnecessary lighting of the lamp.

Healthy Bathroom Design
Healthy Bathroom Design

The second is you need a vent for your bathroom. In one area of the bathroom wall should has small holes as the path of air exchange. Many people hesitate to make a vent in the wall. The reason is they are fear if their privacy disturbed while bathing. In fact, we have the solution for it. For example, you can put plants in front of the wall cavities, so that passersby could not peek. If the vent is made from the composition of brick that arranged sideways, so that people can not look directly into the bath area.

The next thing that makes this bathroom healthy is the plants. You can use potted plants! Maybe it just a simple thing, but you have to know that the plants have a pretty good role to make the air become fresh in the bathroom. You can choose a betel plant, that plant can make the look of the bathroom beautiful and also can absorb pollutants.

How about your bathroom? Of course you are ready to make it healthier.

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