The Way to Decorate and Arrange Your Living Room

Know, I want to write about the basic things that you need to know if you want to arrange the living room.

Determining Themes of Living Room

If you want to make family room, you must start from build a theme and atmosphere for your room. This thing is more personal. It can adapt with the function of room and the needs of your family members and the overall building area.

For example, if your home a small home (under 150m2), family room can be used as a multifunctional space. Maybe you can this room as a children’s playroom too, and you have to choose a theme that is playful, bright, light, and tend to modern styles.

Living Room
Living Room

Choose and arrange the furniture of Living Room

This step is important to realize the family room that up to your expectations. There are many furniture designs ready in the market. You should choose furniture adjust with the planned theme. For example, if you want to create a room with ethnic theme, you must choose furniture that can create an atmosphere of regionalism, as ethnic design style.

After you choose and buy the furniture, then you can arrange. I give you special tips from BAIT architect named Ridwan Khalkali: “Place the sofa and table in the middle of the living room. So, homeowners can communicate each other while being there.”

Living Room Interior Design
Living Room Interior Design

Decoration and accessories of Living Room

Room without decor is like vegetables without salt. It is Insipid! To avoid this, the room also needs to be decorated. Decorations include the addition of accessories and beautify the space element. According to architect (Ridwan), decorate the room can make the atmosphere cozy, warm and intimate impression.

For example, if you have the plain wall, you can make it to be textured or coated with natural stone. If the wall will be processed, you must consider the proportion and location of the wall that will be processed. You may put a simply painting or photograph the family too.

The Accessory of a space could become a complement to the beauty and atmosphere of space. Without accessories, the space will be “empty”. But to pick and place the accessories, you must match the theme of space as a whole.

Reforming of light build an atmosphere of Living Room

The light is another element that can beautify your living room. Various atmospheres can be created with proper lighting.  It has more to do with the atmosphere at night. Because, during the day, the space look impressed flat because of the natural light there is split evenly.

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