The Wrong Positions of the Bed

Bed Room is including the most important place in our homes. When we talk about the bedroom, we must consider about the comfort of the bedroom. To have a comfortable bed, you must have a good position of the bed in the bedroom. The bed should not be placed in any place.

In decorating the bedroom, comfort is the most important aspect. The essence of the decorating of this bedroom is allowing users to get some rest without disturbance of any kind. Comfort can be obtained by use of dim lighting, warm wood material, or bed sheets, and bed covers that are soft.


But it is not enough. The position of the bed is an important thing you should look. This thing may seem trivial, but the mistake of the position of the bed in your room turned out to be harmful to health.

So, you should consider carefully to some wrong positions of the bed:

• At the front of the door. The position of the bed which is right in front of the door causes the air flow directly on your body. It is not good for your health and can cause disease.

• Too Close with the wall. The position of the bed is too close to the wall has some drawbacks. The position can be difficult for you when to change the sheets, wall color can be discolored because the bottom is covered by the bed. Not only that, but also the wall directly adjacent to the bathroom is very damp and dangerous to health.

• Beside the window. You should not put the bed beside the window. Because of wind and dust will enter through the window. It is very dangerous for your asthmatic.

• Under the AC.This position is very dangerous to your health. So you should avoid the position of the bed under the AC. The air conditioning is cool, but if you are directly exposed overnight, you can suffer from colds. Especially if the wind leads directly to the head, you will be prone to headaches.


Then how does the position of the best bed that can provide comfort and safe for your health?

The best position of the bed is in the middle of the room with the headboard against the wall, and is equipped with a bedside table on both sides. But if the room size was adequate, at least you should provide about 40-60 cm distance between the walls and your bed.

With the correct position of the bed, you can achieve the comfort. So, try to check again whether your bed  in the right position?

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