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Dessert landscaping is somewhat difficult for some people who live in a desert like area. In United States, you may find that some states feature such type of landscaping. The dessert landscaping may include Mojave Desert in Nevada or even the Sonoran dessert in Arizona. When talking about gardening, some people will think that cultivating the plants in dessert landscaping will be impossible to do. Actually this opinion is totally wrong. With the basic ideas about desert landscaping, the people who live in such area can make a beautiful and exotic garden. You just need to know the trick of dessert landscaping, and you will realize how easy it is to carry impression of dessert landscaping. Let’s see the tips below.

Desert Landscaping Design
Dessert Landscaping Design

The first thing to consider is the soil of your dessert landscaping. Since it does not have many nutrients, you need to cultivate the plant which does not require any water and many minerals. The soil in such dessert usually obtains much alkaline with high pH. That’s why you will find that this soil in dessert landscaping is not able to absorb water easily. So, you need to make sure that you have grouped the same types of plants in one section so that you can apply the same ways when you want to irrigate them. The best type of the plant that you may grow in this dessert landscaping is the native plants.

Desert Landscaping
Dessert Landscaping

You will never be able to cultivate the beauty flowers like rose, water lily or even daffodil since all of them are not born to be here. Native plants are so easy to maintain. They need a little water and can grow well in any kinds of situation. Some of the examples of native plants may include mesquite, wild flowers, cacti, desert willow and succulents. All of these plants are capable to attract some beautiful animals like humming bird and bees.Cactus is a very beautiful plant. It offers the viewer with natural and exotic beauty. There are many variants of cacti. You may choose them based on your preferences in style, shape and colors. You may also get a green tree like palm tree.

Nice Desert Landscaping
Nice Dessert Landscaping

Such plant is able to grow well in this hot temperature situation. You may pick the palm tree from the hundreds special provided. The other plants useful to enjoy in the desert landscaping are the bushes. They can carry different look on your garden. For more interesting desert landscaping, you need to arrange the garden beautifully. You may have to apply paving stone as the pathway. You also use the other materials like stone or rock, but all of them are not easy to maintain. Thus, people love to apply paving. Stone stairs is also requiring if you want your garden look connected with the house. This stair must be installed along way to the porch. You may ask the professional to build it for you of it’s a little bit difficult as a do it yourself project. You just have to suggest the professional to make it like a slope of dessert landscaping design fitted with the look of the house.

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