Tips for Your Living Room Decoration: Chessboard Panel

Decorations on the walls can change the atmosphere in the room instantly. A space that has a plain white walls might seem flat and not interesting. By contrast, if the walls are decorated with room decor elements than it would feel and looked different.

There are many simple ways you can do to decorate the walls of the room. In the photo below, you can see a living room wall using a chessboard-patterned panels as decorative elements. Panel with a blend of two colors of brown, coffee brown and light brown, making the family room look more interesting, has a character, and warm. Wood panel plaid, like this chessboard pattern, definetely making this room more interesting.

The panel has a size of 275cm wide and 195cm tall and composed of two layers, base panel layer and plaid layer. The first step is to place base panel to the wall. Then arrange the pieces of timber measuring 39cm x 39cm on top, with a pattern of alternating between a coffee-colored brown and light brown. But previously, give the timber with polish finishing before applying to the wall.

To highlight the colors and details, attach some spotlight. Navigate the fall of light onto the surface of the panel. Choose a lamp with yellow light, so the color panels appear more dramatic. The concept is simple, but the result is remarkable, right?

To give the impression of “sustainable”, it would be nice to give a repetition of this pattern in the living room. Plaid patterns is not only applied to the wall panels only, we can apply it on the carpet also. Repetition of this pattern strengthens the character of a room.

Well, how about your place? Maybe the idea of making a wooden panel on the wall, can help liven up your living room.

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