Tips of Cleaning Shower Head in the Bathroom

Post On: August 21, 2011

Shower Head is a tool that can easily become clogged by the crust and the lime in the water. This can cause water pressure that comes out to be very small. The water contains calcium also are more likely to causing rust. You need to know that the rust will also clog water too. Baseline characteristics in the bathroom shower head that started experiencing blockage is the appearance of some white precipitate at the shower head may even mushrooms.

Shower Head

Shower Head

But you do not need to worry, because this kind of problem can be overcome if we know how to cleaning the shower head.

In the following article we will discuss the simple steps that you can do yourself to clean a clogged shower head:

  • You must provide a thick plastic bag, and then put white vinegar into the bag.
  • Tie a shower head in a plastic bag that was filled with white vinegar before and let soak for overnight.
  • In the morning, you have to untie the bag. Then rub the existing deposits on shower heads use a brush. After you finish cleaning the sediment, you can try to start the shower and see how much water pressure. If water comes out too slowly because of the blockage, then you need to continue the steps below.
  • Turn off the main supply of water to the bathroom. Open the bolt on the shower head pipe and put the key wrench.
  • You can use a small wire or paper clip.
  • Place the shower head was in a small bucket, pour white vinegar into a bucket, and let it soak for 4-6 hours. After that,you can try to pry head shower wearing a small wire or paper clip.
  • Rub the surface of the shower head with a soft bristle brush and rinse with plain water.
  • Once you’ve finished scrubbing, then clean the glue used to stick the ribbon on the base of the shower head and paste it with new pipe glue and reattach the shower head. After that you please try turning the water flow to shower head in your bathroom. Make sure the shower head has been securely attached to prevent leakage of water at the base of the shower head.
Wall Mounted Shower Head

Wall Mounted Shower Head

By using a few tips on cleaning the shower head in the bathroom above, you can remove existing deposits on the shower head and re-use it comfortably.

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