Tips on Creating Natural Atmosphere for Your Dining Experience

Application of natural colors is the secret to create a comfortable, tropical appearance. One of them could be seen in kitchen plus dining room below.

Brown, the color of soil oftenly applied to create a natural atmosphere. In addition, this color was chosen because it always managed to create a warm and friendly impression. It was also the reason that caused the owner of the house, where the kitchen was located, select the dominance of brown in her home.

Overall, this house is indeed having a tropical concept. That is why the kitchen is made to appear as nature as possible by using wood materials in the kitchen set and the dining table. Natural atmosphere feels stronger because the kitchen is right next to each other by the pool. Who could resist eating in here? While enjoying a meal with family and relatives, accompanied by a rush of cool pool water. It’s always fun, right?

Usually, the dominance of brown quickly create boredom, but not with this kitchen. Simple and modern design, plus color blend of kitchen tools, such as stoves, ovens, and refrigerators, eliminating the tedious impression. Small decorative jars on the floor, near the door to the pool, giving an even touch of ethnic beauty.

Actually, to create an exotic tropical look, not necessarily with brown color. Lots of natural colors can be applied. Green is one of them. Green color variants are believed to affect mood became to be more calm and relaxed. If you still feel afraid to apply the green as dominant color, apply as an accent wall in one area. Or make a choice of color for room accessories.

Are you one of tropical style lovers that are full of natural elements? Inspiration application of natural colors, as in this kitchen, surely worth a try.

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