Tips on Designing a Living Room That also Functioned as Music Room

Living room or family room is always identical with a television. For most people, It’s not a living room if it’s not for watching television. Though It’s not always the case, but It’s most of It. Isn’t It?

Most people regard the living room with room to watch television. So, do not be surprised if in every living room, always put a television. Actually, from the name family room is a room that serves to accommodate family activities. Activities can be anything. For those who like music, for example, might make the family room to be and music room as well.

living room together with music room
living room together with music room placement of Piano

Living room in the picture for example, there is no television here. But in one corner of the living room is placed a piano. Apparently, the owner and his family’s hobby is playing music. So, other than as a place of fun to chat, this room is also fitted as a place to relax while listening to the strains of the piano.

About placement, you can adjust the arrangement of furniture and piano. In this picture, there are two sets of sofas and coffee table. Each is in a different side of the room. Both faced the piano. If your family room at home, not as large space as in this picture, You can try another setting.

The most common arrangement for easy, like in the family room with a television. The difference, in the usual place assigned television, replaced by a piano. Then place the furniture around the piano. That happens when the instrument is the piano. What about other instruments? Guitar for instance. Stringed musical instrument that is classified as a lightweight and easy to move, it is more easily organize the family room with musical instruments on this one.

living room together with music room the luxurious version
living room together with music room the luxurious version

If the family like to collect guitars, display only a few collections, in the family room. Or replace the piano with audio devices, tape and CD player, for example. As the afternoon or evening arrived, when the whole family together, take a guitar and start singing together, when tired of playing the guitar, live play favorite CDs and enjoy the music strains together.

living room together with music room truly musical living room
truly musical living room

How nice it seems. Don’t just imagine, if you and your family is a music lovers? Please try to make the family room and music room.

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