Tips To Design Nice and Healthy Bathroom

Here’s some simple tips to design a nice and healthy bathroom. As We know bathroom is one of the core part from a house. Morning activities started from this place. When we want to build or renovate bathrooms so that it will be nice and healthy, there are things we should consider.

Some aspects must be considered when designing a bathroom, such as Architectural Design, size, condition of the bathroom whether dry or wet, location, lighting, air circulation, and security. Additionally we also have to consider the brand of the sanitary as some brand is in fact better yet more expensive than other. Some of the good brand in sanitary for your bathroom is Duravit.

Tips to design a good and healthy bathroom Good Bathroom Design
Healthy and Nice Bathroom Design

1. Size

Size of a bathroom mainly depends on the available land. When our homes are large, we can make a big bathroom. But if we just has a limited land area of the house, so the bathroom should also be adjusted. Another factor is the activities undertaken in the bathroom. When the bathroom will be a place for you to dress up or maybe the size of the bathroom tub must be greater when You love to spend time in the bathroom tub.

2. Location

Objects laying in the bathroom should be arranged as well. Suppose the sink is placed to the front so that when washing hands, we don’t need to go into inside of a bathroom. Another thing is closet should not be placed after a wet floor area.

3. Light

The bathroom is often the growing place of germs. So, if possible, when designing the bathroom it should get enough sunlight. For example, by using transparent tiles or other transparent material so that sunlight can prevent germs growing. In addition, it can help save the use of lights during the daytime.

4. Air

To be healthy, in the bathroom there should be an air circulation. Bad circulation can make a bathroom odors. So you can make the grille at the bottom of the door or at the top of the bathroom. If not impossible to install the grille, it can be mounted exhaust fan. It will be much better if You can install Radiators so you can maintain the temperature of the bathroom.

5. Safety

We have to think about safety on the bathroom as well. Because we don’t want any family members injured or fell in the bathroom. So for the floor, you should not choose the slippery floor. Cleanliness should also be considered, so that no moss that can make the bathroom became slippery.
Hope those tips to design a nice and healthy bathroom will help You on designing your bathroom.

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