Tips to Make a Healthy Bathroom and Brighter Bathroom

To make a healthy bathroom and brighter bathroom, it will be better if more sunlight can come through a window into the bathroom. Cleanliness of the bathroom is an important factor that affect to the health of residents. To keep your bathroom always clean, the bright wall is a very important factor and one of the keys to make a healthy bathroom.

Healthy Bathroom Design
Healthy Bathroom Design


The bathroom is the room that are sensitive to mold and dirt. It happened because this room is the place to clean the body from the impurities. In addition, bathroom humidity is the factor why the fungus often grows.

When humidity is high, fungus and bacteria will grow very easily. The air that does not change makes the humidity higher. So, how to make the healthy bathroom which is not humid and not feel stuffy?

Here are some tips to make a healthy bathroom and brighter bathroom:

  1. You need to make sure that in your bathroom always any space for the entry of air and light with the size for about 20% from the area of the roof or walls of the bathroom. This can make the air space in the bathroom to change.
  2. Use a wall that does not absorb water and easily cleaned. One practical way is to use porcelain tiles for walls. Besides easy to clean, its motive is also diverse.
  3. To make a healthy bathroom, you should choose a bright color for the areas that roughly difficult to clean. Bright colors can help us know of any dirt.
  4. For you who use the tub, you should use a small tub. In the past many people use a bathtub that has a large volume because of the tub also serves as water storage. Today, technology is more advanced for water storage (water can be distributed at any time of the water tank), so the size can be tailored to the needs of the tub while bathing. A large tub of water can increase the humidity of the room.
  5. To have a healthy bathroom, you should always clean the bathroom when the water color begins to change. Because the color change is indicative of the growth of fungi and bacteria.
Healthy Bathroom
Healthy Bathroom

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