Tips to Optimize Narrow Space in the Bedroom

Organize small bedroom need special attention, especially in terms of size and amount of furniture. The large bedroom area even become narrowly, when we jammed with a variety of furniture purchased in the market. This is partly because the furniture in the market is generally a standard size one, so that when inserted into the room, It look big and dominant.

To outsmart, we can put a custom-made furniture. For a limited land, it is better to make their own furniture. With the appropriate calculations, the room would not feel cramped.

Tips to Optimize Narrow Space in the Bed Room
Minimize the furniture

For example, when going to design a bedroom for one person, note the size. Inevitably, we must also refer to the standard size mattress. Single mattress is usually the standard size 90cm x 180cm or 100cm x 200cm. The thickness of the mattress was about 20 cm. Referring to the size of this mattress, the bed can be made.

Not to look to fill the room, the design of such a low bed in the photo should be tried. The bed is made of wood, and has low height. Its existence is assembled into one with bedside measuring 40cm x 40cm. Nightstand position should be lower than the mattress. For if the position parallel to or higher than the mattress, there was a risk going against the head,

In this bedroom, a desk placed at the opposite corner of the bed. Minimum size that can be applied to the work table is 40cm x 60cm, with a height of 72cm surface – 75cm. Problem size is necessary also adapted to the needs of work. If it requires a larger table, You could create a table with a larger size.

Tips to Optimize Narrow Space in the Bedroom without desk with bathroom
Bedroom without desk with bathroom

Well, now let us calculate the total need for all that things. Based on the length and width of furniture, we just need a room with a width of about 2m x 2.5 m. Ah, it was a narrow room? And We can do what should We do in the bed room

Do You have other tips to optimize the space in the bedroom?

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