Transporting Plants

Knowing the tips in the process of transporting the plant is required to move a plant from one place to another. It is not infrequently removal process is conducted in one or many plants either alone or through the transporters.

The main thing in this process is to avoid the changes in extreme conditions for plants. Delivery during hot summer or during heavy rains, critical to the success of plant shipments. wrapped conditions can make plants in a bit shocked by the environmental conditions normally or even rot in the middle of the road. This condition is very susceptible to exotic pests and diseases and fungal attacks.

Transporting Plants

When we travel far and find a plant that wants to collect, bring the pot into the ground plane is not allowed. The only way is to disassemble and separate the plant from the ground and then packaged neatly and placed in a strong bag. There are two things that must be considered when packaging is intact roots and humidity package. Make sure the roots are not bent during packaging, that is by using a package size in accordance with that of large plants.

To maintain the moisture, we can use a damp cotton wool and wrapped with an airtight box and hard. To bring in the vehicle, put in a place that is not suppressed by other articles or if on an airplane, put in hand luggage carried into passenger cabins. Make sure the plants are wrapped in a neat package and not easily fragile and does not produce waste or water.

Large Plants and Plants in Pots

For packaging plants in pots, you can make a case of a parcel package parcel. By wrapping the pot with a cone made of paper, leaves and stems of plants can be protected from the risk of broken or bent.

Plant in Pot

Before you are given a paper cone, it is better to wrap the surface with a plastic plant pot so the soil does not spill. Then give the paper cone starting from the bottom to the top of the plant. When transporting the vehicle, the top of the plants can be wrapped tightly and let it open so air can be changed very well.

Process for delivery of large plants also require specific treatment. Make the root ball plus a little soil and then tie up neatly and make sure the soil is not easily scattered out. For transportation, the truck can be used long enough, then cross and tie the plant prisoner with rope tightly so as not easy to roll. Or if pressed, you can use the roof of a private car, and coupled with the bond using a rope on the left right side of the vehicle so that plants do not easily fall.

Better Plants Seeds

In delivery of young or mature plants that require special handling what more if done through a package delivery or courier service remotely. Sometimes the risk and cost of delivery is greater than the price of the plant.

Therefore, transmission plant could be better if in the form of seeds, either in the form of seeds, tubers or pieces of stem to be used as stem cuttings. Besides the packaging is smaller, the level of resistance of seedlings was also greater than the delivery of crops. In packaging, the packaging of seeds can be made airtight in order to make the slow process of decomposition of plant seedlings or seeds. Then enter into the box packaging is strong enough to be sent by postal parcels.

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