Use Open Kitchen in Home, Why Not?

Open kitchen, is the concept to remove the wall and expose the kitchen to another living area. We often find this concept in restaurants or cafes. Why you not try to apply these ideas at home?

Open Kitchen Design
Open Kitchen Design

Nowadays, many restaurants and cafes in Indonesia using the concept of open kitchen. This concept seems to be able to attract more consumers. With an open kitchen concept like this, all activity in the kitchen can be seen by customers. They can see activities to prepare the material until the process to become food. This concept also aims to demonstrate the quality of materials and food processing from the restaurant or cafe.

Open kitchen concept is unique, because many people assume that is taboo if the kitchen can be seen by guests. Over the development period, in modern life, especially in urban areas, that assumption is no longer applied. We can entertain our guests in the kitchen directly, it’s no longer uncommon. Nevertheless, it is still a few people who dared to apply the concept of open kitchen at their home.

This open kitchen concept is still having some challenges. One of the challenges is the owner of the kitchen must keep the place clean and tidy. Because, every one who through it can see on every corner of the kitchen. The embarrassment and discomfort will certainly arise, if the kitchen looks dirty and messy.

Open Kitchen Concept
Open Kitchen Concept

The kitchen with this concept usually placed adjacent to public spaces, such as family room. As a barrier we can use a glass wall. It could also make the concept of the bar. Certainly with the concept of open kitchen, every activity in the kitchen can be seen clearly.

One of the tips make a “safe” open kitchen, especially for those who are not confident to apply it, is to divide the kitchen into two areas, clean and dirty.

The clean kitchen is often messy, because the activities that take place here, usually about serving food only. Therefore, clean the kitchen can be “displayed” with an open concept. While the dirty kitchen, where many activities that leave droppings, can remain “hidden.”

Open kitchen is not only unique, but also it became one of the solutions to make the room feel more spacious. The rooms that are made without using a room divider or using a transparent divider would seem more spacious. For those who live in apartments, this concept could be an excellent choice.

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