Using Glass Wall To Make Room Blend With Nature

Using a glass walls in one room in your home will make the room blend with the nature, so this will make the atmosphere in the room more cool and comfortable, and will make the room a more lenient because the room look more spacious.

The existence of the living room in the house can be maintained. Especially for homeowners who love to receive guests, beside for receiving guest living room can also be used to place a family member to get relax with a simple idea.

The living room can be filled with furniture that suits a variety of function space, usually in the living room there are sets of tables and sofas. There also are complete with cabinets for storing or displaying accessories and merchandize.

Glass house for interior
Glass Wall on Living Room

In this picture, a living room filled with sofas and coffee table set and at one end of the room there are paintings, on the other end there is a cupboard to store accessories. What is interesting in this room is the glass wall of the dominant presence. Glass walls standing upright from the surface of the floor to the ceiling of the room. To a height of 2.5 m, the glass wall was closed with roman blind and sticker’s sandblast.

The presence of glass that became almost half of the walls of this room automatically gives a positive effect on the room. Transparency of the glass can make more light into the room and room became brighter in daylight, only with the help of natural light illumination. On the other hand, the glass also makes the room seemed without limit. These conditions make the living room that has been widely considered is also becoming increasingly widespread. Even more interesting is all the wonderful atmosphere in the area of the park can be enjoyed by the occupants of the room space is often used as a receptionist, as where its function.

Living room glass wall
Glass Wall For Your Home

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