Various Arts in Choosing the Dining Table

A perfect dining room is a dining room that is able to collect all of family members at home to always dining together both of breakfast or dinner while sharing stories between family members. Therefore, a perfect dining table is not located in the beautiful interior design and expensive furniture. However, arrange the interior of dining room is necessary to add harmony situation in home. Here are several models of dining table that you can adjust with your home condition.

Classic – Classic dining table is beautiful and elegant. It takes a rather broad space to place this dining table model. The classic style can gives the impression of luxury. The classic touch will seem with balance of brown furniture in the bright wall color. Placement of fresh flowers will add to this impression of aristocratic dining rooms. Certainly, this classic dining table is suitable for the classical model as well.

Classic Dining Table

Modern Minimalist – The proper material selection can congeal the minimalist concept to be presented. Therefore, select a table or chair that has a simple design, little or no ornament. For example a minimalist Furniture from glass that is combined with aluminum or wrought iron furniture including the type furniture that are most used. Besides the simple shapes, the treatment is also relatively easy to do. Design with strict precision also characterizes the Minimalism in architecture and furniture.

Modern Minimalist Dining Table

In the style of Japanese – “lesehan” style reminds us of Japanese style interior. Spaces at a traditional Japanese house is very rarely used furniture. Basically, a dining room table contains only one short and sit on the floor. Thus, the room look more spacious and make the residents more freely in moving. Besides that, “lesehan” style also makes more relaxed, intimate and warn in around of home. The structuring concept of “lesehan” style does not need much furniture, so that appropriate for the narrow house.

Japanese Style Dining Table

Retro – In using of furniture and accessories to classic retro-style, looks very fit and fused it with modern elements. Although impression of the past, but this room did not look ancient. To make it still look with modern design, furniture design and color selection becomes an important consideration.

Retro Dining Table

Rustic – Rustic style or called “flinstone” for some people this style is the interesting of design, because its design is natural and always create an impression “before the ancient” deemed to have high artistic value. Usually the material that is used is wood that’s cut only on the average for ergonomic needs only, such as the top table, pedestal seat, and others.

Rustic Dining Table

Pantry Model – This model is the dining table together with the kitchen. Usually for a small family which are the number of members has not been lots and it most applied at the apartment to saves of the space.

Pantry Dining Table

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