Various Problems on the Walls

A wall is a usually solid structure that defines and sometimes protects an area. Walls are used to separate rooms, or protects a space in the open air. However, building walls have one main purpose that to support roofs and ceilings. Usually, walls are built by a builder.

Home Walls

There are three principal types of structural walls, such as building walls, exterior boundary walls, and retaining walls. We often find the wall of our house that there is a moldy or appear bloated. What happened and how to fix this?

1. Moldy wall

If the isolation or insulation and ventilation in a room is not very good, water vapor will be absorbed by walls and can cause mildew. You should open a window and attach the exhaust fan to improve air circulation.

2. Hollow wall

The walls are hollow often caused by incorrect of the mix of concrete . The right concrete mix is the third cement and 2/3 sand. If a mixture of sand more than the dose, the wall would be hollow. Check the wall when the state bought the old house. If the exterior walls were damp, paint it first with a waterproof sealer (water resistant).

Mold Wall

For the new walls need at least 2 weeks to dry completely before painting. Ensure that the contractor was not in a hurry while working on your building. If not, the concrete will always be moist and can cause wall cracks when there is water seepage.

3. The walls started to peel paint
If the walls moldy and peeling paint visible, the problem may come from rain water seepage. Check window and door rails, make sure there are no gaps. If it appears there was a gap, close it with a mixture of water-resistant silicone.

4. Water Stain on the Wall
If there are water stains on the walls and the smell of acid, there may be water seepage from AC pipe or channel lining of dirty water.Although you coated with a sealant water proof, sealant will not adhere if the wall is too ‘wet’.

This is when you have to call a professional handyman to locate leaks and patching a leak in the inner wall.

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