Wall with ‘Serrations’ as Decoration for Kids Room

In this article we will discuss about the implementation of Walls with ‘serrations’ as Decoration for Kids Room. You must have known that the child’s room is usually full of color.

Children Room
Children Room

In some children rooms there are decorated with layer of wallpaper image that make it look cheerful. It does look funny and your kids will love these decorations. But as time went by, your children will grow more mature and cartoon characters that they like will also be changed.  Beside that, the pictures which they love when they was child will also be changed.

For example, when your children were child like the animals wallpaper image, then when they grow up they will not like it anymore. Beside that, we often found parents who choose a child’s bedroom wall color with adjusted general patterns. For example, the color pink, red, green, and purple for girls. While the blue and yellow for boys.

So why you don’t make a child’s room decor looks more neutral? So, if your children grow bigger, their room decor will be still suit with them.

Then, what kind of design that neutral and suitable for children until they grow up?

Wall with 'Serrations'
Wall with 'Serrations'

The neutral designs are not meant to be plain. Application of wall with serrations as decoration for kids’ room can be inspiring for you. The designer of this wall is Sissy Prima. She always gives the elements of the ordinary in every design. This wall with serrations is one of them.

This wall is made from white painted gypsum and look like folded paper. In order for the shape is more prominent, hidden lamp with yellow light were placed in the top and bottom of the wall.

If you want to make it, you can use LED tube lights. You just need to shut the lights at the bottom with Frosted glass or acrylic to illuminate the hidden tube. Do not forget to add shelves to put books, drawings, and toys. Various toys or action figures can became the trimmer space. And, instead of alternating layers of walls, it is better to replace toys or pictures on these wooden shelves.

Neutral colors can also be given to a room with this wall serration. Neutral colors like gray, brown, or beige can describe the feeling of warmth, comfort, and relaxed. This color is suitable for boy’s rooms, also for a hyperactive child.

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