Working from Your Modern Kitchen

Today’s kitchen has become a multifunctional space. Not just for cooking and dining, work could also be done here. Are you curious to know what to do to make your kitchen as a work space?

The kitchen that we can see in the photo below is measuring 6m x 6m. Modern designs reflected with the existence of “island” in the middle. Modern impression also comes from the choice of color, black and white, eternal chorus that never become obsolete. This kitchen is also equipped with an extra counter top on one side of the kitchen. These extra counter top certainly had many functions.

Equipped with two chairs, this area could be just a sitting area and it can also become food and breakfast table. No one will deny that this is could also used to work. Bring piles of work files from office and a laptop, start working here. So, while waiting for the food cooked, we can tamper with the work. Began to feel bored? Leave for a moment to drink and eat snacks. Exciting, right?

There are a few things to note, if you want to make the kitchen as well as a comfortable work area. First of all, you have to always maintain cleanliness and neatness. No comfort while working in a place with a messy, dirty, and smelly environment. That’s why, once you finished cooking immediately clean up and clean working table. Thus, we can use it anytime to work.

One more thing, adequate lighting must be available. As can be seen in this photo, the lighting is enough to carry out activities and making it a more comfortable room. If we view the seat design, this kitchen really is not ideal for working in a long time. Because most likely you will suffer from sore backs. Working while waiting for the dish, approximately 15-45 minutes is still possible, if more than that it’s not recommended.

Well, if it wants to make the kitchen as well as work space, where we will spend some time there, note the selection of furniture. One of those are seats. Comfortable chairs would make a mood to work so much better.

Want to make your kitchen at home the place to work as well? Hopefully this can be one of inspiration.

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