Yin-Yang Concept on Your Bedroom

The concept of Yin and Yang to balance life, had long since we’ve heard. But what about its application in the arrangement of interior color?

In homage to the Zen concept of the interior, to create harmony in the home, need to be created between the Yin and Yang. Alice Whately in his book entitled Peaceful Spaces explained that Yin represents something cold and dark and lifeless. In contrast, Yang represents something hot, bright, and alive.

To create a balance of Yin and Yang in the room, we could use the five natural elements; earth, fire, water, metal, and wood proportionately. This is not necessarily mean that we should have all the elements in a room. The five elements can be presented symbolically. For instance represented by color or texture that suggests the elements.

Let’s take the example of a bedroom in this photo. Elements of fire in this room, represented by the color orange on the bench and some pillows. Brown color represents the earth element, while the wooden material to represent elements of the wood itself. Bluish color in the pillows of water symbolizes. Some material of iron could represent metal element.

The concept of Yin and Yang in color combination itself is actually also similar to the concept of mixing colors on color theory. If we see a circle of color, the colors opposite each other is a color that contrasts with each other. This resembles the concept of Yin and Yang which are also opposed.

Of course in applying the concept of color in the room, we must combine them proportionally. While there was no certain guide in color mixing, in addition to considering the basic theory, color mixing can also be done based on taste. Like feng shui, balancing the use of color, both of which contrast with each other and a matching need to be maintained. Thus it will generate the expected visual comfort. However, in arranging and dressing space, our comfort should come as the first priority.

So, are ready to try to make everything balanced?

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