Your Garage is Part of Your House, so are Your Garage Doors!

The least decorated place in your house is probably the garage. Fair enough, the main purpose of the garage is for practical storage reason. However, the doors of a garage are one of the most visible features of a house, having a perfectly decorated house but an old falling apart garage door would simply destroy the whole image of the house. Below are some tips and tricks to improve your Garage Doors :

1. Pick the Matching color
Color is always the easiest thing to control the atmosphere of a building. No matter what format of garage doors you are using, make sure the color of the doors do not conflict with the color of the garage walls. For instance, if you have red brick walls, use white instead of dark green on your garage doors to take away the old-fashioned feeling.

Retractable garage doors in Guildford with matching color

2. Use Sectional Doors
Sectional Door consists of separate sections instead of one single panel. This allows smooth operation both manually and especially when electrically operated. These doors can fit in most shapes of garage doorways including arches. The doors also come with different designed patterns and colors. Below in the picture is a pair of sectional doors in Surrey.

Sectional doors with arched doorway

Here’s another sample of Garage Doors, Guildford is where this garage door is located

Garage Door Guildford
Garage Door Guildford

3. Go for Automation
Automated garage doors are not only practical, but they also can give an immediate impact in modernizing your house. Automatic doors are convenient, safe and secure. The automation is applicable for multiple types of garage doors.

Improving the outlook of your garage doors not only can upgrade the style of the whole house, it is also a cost-effective and efficient way to increase your house’s value in times of selling.

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